I love hearing about readers who have enjoyed a recipe and given it a go. If you do try any of my recipes please feel free to share it on the ThisGirlBlogs facebook page!

I’m also thrilled when someone loves a recipe enough to want to share it with others. However, I ask that you not repost complete recipes or step by step instructions from This Baker Girl Blogs, but instead provide a link back to the recipe on my site. You may share up to 2 photographs per post/recipe as long as This Baker Girl Blogs is appropriately credited and there is a link to the original post the photographs came from.

If you would like to repost an entire recipe or use additional photographs please get in touch (email, facebook, twitter, instagram … I’m everywhere. It’s all over there —>) and I would be happy to discuss it further.

Please note: Any recipes from cookbooks have been posted with expressed written permission.