You might be an

Hey, there. I’m Nazia.

There’s a confusion as to what my name means. I discovered it means ‘honest’ in one of those baby naming books, but my keyring says it means ‘song’ – although, I’m pretty sure they make that stuff up. Either way, it doesn’t really matter, I’ll respond to anything from a ‘Yo’ to a ‘Hey, you with the face’.

I’m a final year biomed student from London, and the end is proving to be a little bittersweet. I love being a student, even when I have no money. This blog was born at some point during my time at university, and has been a massive distraction. Oops.

I like to eat, in fact I’m always hungry, but I’ve very rarely (or ever) attempted to make my own food. Which is probably why people are always a little surprised when they discover how tiny I am, and the stack of recipe books under my bed. Not hidden or anything, that’s just where I like to keep them. I started this blog to change that. And, since then I’ve grown in confidence, and have started to experiment with my own recipes.

The blog has also been great for documenting some of my food firsts – before this blog I’d never eaten leeks (I had to google image search them), or celery root. Can you believe that? And, just yesterday I tried feta cheese. It’s nice. I’ve yet to try tons of other food like … rhubarb. I really want to try rhubarb, and apparently there’s more fish in the sea than just salmon and cod.

I have a lot quirks, which also extend to my eating habits. For example: you have to butter the bread before you toast it, and I have to eat the crusts first and work my way into the middle. I eat my cereal with a fork and hot milk. I also often eat yoghurt with a fork (it’s a skill) – I have nothing against spoons, I just prefer forks. I can only eat the leg/thigh portion of a chicken, and warm whipped cream makes me gag … There’s more, but I think I’ll stop there.

I hope I haven’t scared you away. Please stay and say Hi! I hope you find something you like and decide to stick around. I’m currently working on a FAQ section to make up for rambling on incoherently like this, so if you have any questions (on absolutely anything – about me, my food, my blog), then you can use the contact page to send them my way. We can also get chatty on my social networks – come say Hi on twitter, instagram, pinterest, or my facebook page. See you there.

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